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Welcome to HeadStart

HeadStart is a unique employability programme aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, brought to you by Aspiring Solicitors and BPP University Law School.

Aspiring Solicitors

What is HeadStart?

  • A series of unique employability workshops which will focus on the key stages in your journey to becoming a solicitor.
  • An opportunity to gain priceless hints and tips from former graduate recruiters, qualified solicitors, and successful future and current trainees on how to successfully navigate vacation schemes and applications to law firms.
  • A platform available to all Aspiring Solicitors members who are currently studying both law and non-law degrees as undergraduates and postgraduates.

Want to ‘get ahead’ with future vacation scheme applications?

Written and delivered by former legal graduate recruiters, in this workshop you will receive honest and constructive advice on how to research and write a strong training contract application.

Students will learn how to make a positive impression to employers at law fairs and open days, receiving guidance around the recruitment timeline.

Successful students who were in your position only a few months ago, qualified solicitors and former graduate recruitment managers will be on hand to offer advice. Feedback is given via a phone call to each attendee after the event.

Who can apply?

  • All law students who started their first undergraduate year in 2017 or non-law students who started their first undergraduate year in 2016 or 2017.
  • This is a screened event, which means you have to apply to secure a place.

Want to convert your Vacation Scheme into a Training Contract?

Join our unique one-day interactive series of workshops tailored to help students convert their vacation scheme(s) into a training contract. The programme is written and hosted by former legal graduate recruitment managers and vacation scheme supervisors, who will offer honest constructive advice and guidance. Future trainees will be on hand to tell you how they made a positive impression, both personally and professionally, on their successful vacation schemes.

Each event includes interactive panels, a mock assessment centre, and practical exercises to maximise the chance of you securing a training contract.

Who can apply?

  • Aspiring Solicitors members with a vacation scheme at a UK law firm taking place in 2018.

Want to put yourself in the strongest position to get a Training Contract in 2018?

HeadStart into Training Contract Applications will give students an insight into how graduate recruiters select candidates for interview and training contracts.

Written and delivered by former graduate recruitment managers, each event will give students honest advice to help identify strengths and weaknesses.

Find out what is really meant by competency based selection and how you can showcase your skills and experiences to firms at all stages in the process - from applications through to interviews and assessment centres.

Through participating in and considering bespoke practical application form and interview scenarios, this workshop will provide a genuine insight into the types of assessments and criteria you will encounter and be judged on- and what you can do in advance to prepare.

Who can apply?

  • This event is open to all Aspiring Solicitors members; except first year law, or first or second year non-law students (HeadStart into Vacation Scheme Applications is for you.)
  • This is a screened event, which means you must apply to secure a place.

How to apply

This is a screened programme, which means you have to apply to secure a place. You must first register with Aspiring Solicitors to receive a username. You will then need to complete the application process for your preferred event.

Those from groups or backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession are encouraged to apply for the programme.

About Aspiring Solicitors

Aspiring Solicitors offers its members coaching, mentoring, skills workshops, recruitment-focused training, careers support and legal work experience with law firms and in-house legal teams. Its focus is to change the legal profession by increasing diversity and inclusion for all underrepresented groups, most notably BAME candidates, those from low income families and educated at state comprehensive secondary schools, students with a disability or long term health conditions, as well as candidates from the LGBT+ community.

Aspiring Solicitors also runs the Commercial Awareness Competition 2017/18, sponsored by BPP University Law School.

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About Aspiring Solicitors
About BPP University Law School

About BPP University Law School

With over 25 years’ experience in delivering professional legal qualifications, we have proudly earned our place as one of the largest law schools in the UK. We pride ourselves on building and shaping legal careers. Whatever your level of study or whatever your career aspirations, we will develop you into a commercially-focused and highly employable solicitor, barrister or legal professional.

BPP University Law School is proud to be working closely with Aspiring Solicitors, which will give the latter’s members exclusive access to ‘BPP University Law School Aspiring Solicitors Scholarships’. The majority of these scholarships will be awarded to students who are looking to practise in the public, pro bono, voluntary or charities sectors or a local community law firm.

“I am delighted that we are working with Aspiring Solicitors, which continues its great work in promoting careers in law to a wide and diverse range of future lawyers. Aspiring Solicitors provides an invaluable insight into the world of legal practice, truly helping students with their career choices and encouraging individuals to make applications to law firms. The professional education we provide at BPP for the lawyers of the future is highly valued by our students and the firms that we work with. I am pleased that we will be offering a range of BPP Aspiring Solicitors Scholarships to help students achieve their objectives and to enhance the future talent of the legal profession”

Andrew Chadwick, Dean of BPP University Law School

“Aspiring Solicitors is looking forward to working closely with BPP to deliver a unique, co-ordinated and strategic offering to aspiring solicitors through our HeadStart programme, our BPP scholarships and other events. It is great that BPP shares our primary objective of increasing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and we look forward to increasing this with their support.”

Chris White, Founder of Aspiring Solicitors